Quooker fusion tapDon’t miss having the most used gadget in your kitchen!

One of our top selling kitchen features, the Quooker Fusion tap is a new ‘must have’ in any kitchen and makes all others obsolete.

The Fusion is a mixer tap and boiling-water tap in one. It can switch from cold to boiling water and vice versa in an instant. The Quooker Fusion tap is available in two models with arched or angled spouts and has a double push-and-turn handle for ultimate safety.


Quooker combi tapAn average of 1 in 3 Yealm Kitchen’s customers have a Quooker Fusion tap installed in their kitchen. Combine the Fusion for instant boiling water with an induction hob for instant heat and you will revolutionize the way you cook! The Quooker Fusion tap is a great gadget for time saving and de-cluttering your kitchen.

Come and visit our showroom to see a working version of the tap. Yealm Kitchens is an authorized supplier of Quooker products. For more information, contact Yealm Kitchens.

Images courtesy of Quooker


Watch the Quooker Fusion demonstration video: